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Google Insights Search “Health Seekers”

See what the world is searching for.

With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Narrow data to specific categories, like finance, health, and sports. Anticipate demand for your business so you can budget and plan accordingly. Know where to find your customers. See how search volume is distributed across regions and cities.

Read more of Google Insights Search at [Wikipedia]

Watch Video On How To Use The Search

Measuring Campaign Impact

Analyze the impact of your marketing activities on people’s ability to recall and search for your brand.

Creating Advertising Messages

Capitalize on search trends to create relevant advertising messages.

Keyword Research Secret Tool

Capitalize on the trends that the Google search engine gathers. A really powerful and cool keyword research tool because it lets you see what keywords are “Breakout” so that you can go out and focus your Google Adwords campaigns and SEO campaigns on the newest breakout keywords.

This tool specifically allows you to drill down more on a local level and see what people, maybe in your home state or city or country, are actually typing into the search engines or into Google specifically. This is one of the best free keyword tools online hands down, so make sure to take advantage.

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